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We implement a digital solution for the organization and inspection of cleaning for the food industry.


Search for a digital solution for industrial cleaning process control.


Our solution allows the formalization and digitization of the cleaning plan and associated controls using a mobile solution.

This solution can therefore be seen as a “digital binder” that synchronizes the activities of the different teams not present on site at the same time (production, cleaning, quality service, sanitary inspectors).

The formalization of the cleaning plan makes it possible to define the areas to be treated in the production line, the frequency of interventions (D/W/M) and the type of treatments to be carried out for each zone (detergent, disinfectant, concentration rate, contact time, rinsing protocol,…) .

The methods and control points (visual, Biofilms/ATPmeters, microbiological Rodac agar, Listeria/swabs) are also formalised….

The cleaning plan is dynamically modifiable if a reinforced cleaning need is required.

Non-conformities are rapidly reported and the required actions are forwarded to the teams concerned.

The data collected and the test results provide optimum traceability.

A statistical database is generated, giving for each area, equipment and sub-equipment the results and interpretations of the bacteriological inspection data (final rating).

A dashboard provides a centralized, all most real-time view of all health control activities. It is accessible according to the rights granted.


  • The traceability of the cleaning process and the verification process through the implementation of a digital data collection process.
  • Improving communication between cleaning, production and quality departments.
  • The use of data in the short term (daily cleaning service), medium term (evolution of the control plan) and long term (statistics).
  • Team management and cleaning tasks.
  • This also allows cleaning controls to be objectified.

Geek's Corner

We offer a SaaS solution running Android or iOS and all types of smartphones.


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