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The Novyspec solution is made of Web and mobile applications (Android/iOS) linked to a server platform to manage the data. According to user rights they all have the same view whichever the device they use.


On or Off line

When elements are stored into the terminal, the user of our application can work offline. Data synchronization is automatic, completely transparent to the user, as soon as the terminal connection is restored.

Taking pictures with annotations

Our platform integrates image capture and annotation integration. These imagea can be captured by the terminal itself, UAV or robots.


Our platform is accessible from a web browser, as well as from the mobile application, available on Android and Apple terminals.


The geolocalization is supported by our solution. localization and time stamp mission data can be attached to any input fields.

Reading IoT data

The Novyspec platform supports the transmission of information from communicating sensors as well as the port control of connected PPE.


Our platform supports:

  • the design of forms in several languages
  • non-Latin alphabets including Asian languages
  • voice information input


Generating and sending reports

Our platform allows to export data of various formats, PDF, JSON, CSV, Office, etc..

User rights & roles control

In our platform, user account management is organized in a hierarchical structure. The user identification parameters determine the authorizations.

Archiving reports and documents

All data generated by users within our platform can be archived and accessed without limitation.

Workflow Management

A workflow (validation circuit) is implemented to follow the inspection steps.

Exchange with external services

Novyspec’s platform has the ability to connect to the customer’s IT to retrieve business data to be integrated into the form. The same applies to data export.

Creation of dashboards

Our platform allows to store inspection results in a database in order to manipulate them to create dashboards usable by the team manager.

Machine Learning

Data Collection

We propose a simple solution to collect reference data to feed a machine learning model.

Automatic Generation

Once the reference data has been collected, our solution is able to automatically generate a model for image analysis.

Automatic recognition

The generated model can be used directly in our tablet application or embedded on other devices (drone, camera…).


User management

Our platform offers a user management interface, and the possibility to connect to the customer’s company directory.


It is possible to trace the entire changes history of each form (content of changes, date and time, user making the changes).

Reference Data Management

Our platform provides an interface that brings together the reference data necessary for the inspection. They can be modified by the manager according to the needs.


Collaborative Project Management Tool

When a new form or solution is set up with our client, we create a new project in a collaborative project space and share it with them. This facilitates collaborative work and provides a common work space.

Parameters setting tools

Our platform allows you to build, deploy and use fully customized solutions. The settings can be made either at SDK level or by using a form administration form.

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