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IT Solutions for Auditors / Inspectors / Reviewers


Organise inspections, set up user actions & permissions. Enable individuals or group management. Define agile workflows and enable post-inspection tasks.

Field Support

Assign and keep in sync missions, forms, and tasks. Suitable for high-volume reviews or multi-inspector teams, etc.


Compatible with any mobile device (iOS, Android, or laptop). Online and offline modes. External Sensor Connectors.


Generate email, reports and analysis. Connect to asset management databases. Reports to defect tracking system.

Novyspec is an integration platform for IoT

Being an industrial inspector involves checking that a service follows a certain number of rules (for example, pipe size, network output, safety procedures etc.), so that any anomalies are brought to light. Novyspec brings you the augmented inspector, who uses IoT to make the job smoother, safer and more cost effective.

Novyspec, your partner to cover the full inspection process :

flyer de novyspec
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