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Smart maintenance

Our digital tablet solution is designed for HVAC technicians. It enables digital reports to be created for set-up, maintenance or troubleshooting operations.


Get ride of paper forms to adopt a dynamic business oriented digital solution.


  • Formalization, digitization and simplification of the intervention report using a mobile solution for smartphones.
  • Our workflow allows to qualify the nature of the intervention by the administrative staff, then to assign it to the technician who will carry out the intervention. The final report signed by the technician and the client is validated by the administrative staff and sent by email to the various parties involved.
  • Thanks to a precise repository fed by the ERP tools used by the heating engineer, our solution guides the technician in identifying the equipment concerned (PAC, geothermal boiler, VMC) by pre-filling the fields of the forms used. In the same way, the details of the client where the intervention will be carried out are accurately reported.
  • Our solution guides the technician in his inspection tasks according to the characteristics of the installation: its collection circuit (refrigerant, Glycol, etc..), the electrical circuit(s), the hydraulic circuit and the refrigeration circuit.
  • Temperature readings are taken at the various points of the heating circuit and compared with normal values.
  • The technician is also “guided” according to the type of equipment inspected for other controls, inspections of filters, fluids, environment (waste water, temperature, fluids replaced and recycled) and compressors.
  • Finally, additional controls deal with overheating, subcooling or power consumption.


Our solution helps installers to set up an offer of installation maintenance services.

Our added value consists in collecting data of all interventions and all the brands of machines within our platform.

The analysis of all the data thus collected allows us to guide the customer for an optimization of the material, an evolution of the operation over time and an evolution of the installations (water softener, insulation, etc…).

Geek's Corner

We offer a SaaS solution running Android or iOS and all types of smartphones.


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