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logo parade

Parade’s products have been the combination of French know-how and technology for more than 35 years.Because all their product ranges conform to existing safety standards, Parade lets each professional use protective gear adapted to their job, style and personality. By respecting safety standards and developing products that are more ergonomic, more comfortable and with improved design, each user feels more stylish and reassured.

logo pilgrim technology

Pilgrim Technology specialises in industrial inspection. They provide innovative robotics solutions and experts for conformance checks on work done by subcontractors and suppliers. Their engineers and technicians carry out technical inspections, expediting, pre-production meetings and audits, both in France and abroad.

logo atmotrack

Atmotrack offers a sensor that can measure fine particles in the air, which are valuable indicators of an environment’s safety. Detection of other gases can be added on demand to adapt to a custmer’s particular needs. The data are measured constantly, geolocated and sent in real time before being analysed and processed.

logo ariadnext

AriadNEXT offers digital solutions, and in particular, a service for instantaneous ID checks. You can also know the identity of an individual accessing your services through their facial recognition solution, to identify efficiently the person bearing given documents.

logo apitrak

Apitrak provides the fastest to install and simplest to use geolocation solution. Equip your material with H-tags® and locate it instantly anywhere in your healthcare establishment.

logo hestiam

Hestiam offers a multi-risk alarm device to make workers safer and more accountable. They also provide a real-time surveillance system to anticipate, and consequently, minimise risks.

logo ercogener

Since Ercogener was created in 1981, they have worked tirelessly to adapt to the many evolutions in the domain of connected objects. From a simple communicating modem, their range of services has expanded over the years to include all the latest innovations in electronics and network technologies.

logo synox

Synox is answering real IoT business challenges through innovation and technological knowledge. With an expertise on all technological stacks of an IoT project, Synox provides IoT solutions and services enabling companies, manufacturers and cities to realize their projects of connected devices. Device and network management, data visualization, Synox transforms data into intelligent information and unlocks value of the IoT.

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